vermiculite fire brick sheet

Projects provide a dedicated space to collaborate on code research. HELICAL PILE. See "Manual fire alarm box.". The area included within surrounding exterior walls (or exterior walls and fire walls) exclusive of vent shafts and courts. See "Exit discharge, level of.". A source of automatic electric power of a required capacity and duration to operate required life safety, fire alarm, detection and ventilation systems in the event of a failure of the primary power. The opening in or between adjacent assemblies that is created due to building tolerances, or is designed to allow independent movement of the building in any plane caused by thermal, seismic, wind or any other loading. Bathrooms, toilet rooms, closets, halls, screen enclosures, sunroom Categories I, II, III and IV as defined in Section 2002.6, storage or utility spaces and similar areas are not considered habitable spaces. PLANS. [BS] REROOFING. [BS] DESIGN FLOOD. A shaped material, made principally from rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC), that is used as an exterior wall covering. FABRIC PARTITION. All other loads are variable loads (see "Nominal loads"). Words used in the present tense include the future; words stated in the masculine gender include the feminine and neuter; the singular number includes the plural and the plural, the singular. A room or space in which people sleep, which can also include permanent provisions for living, eating, and either sanitation or kitchen facilities but not both. OCCUPANT LOAD. This class includes materials that are sensitive to thermal or mechanical shock at elevated temperatures and pressures. See "Special flood hazard area.". A stairway having a closed circular form in its plan view with uniform section-shaped treads attached to and radiating from a minimum-diameter supporting column. A permanent structure or architectural projection of rigid construction over which a covering is attached that provides weather protection, identity or decoration. A remote control activation device shall be provided at each hose connection. This division is comprised of articles that contain only extremely insensitive detonating substances and which demonstrate a negligible probability of accidental initiation or propagation. Nominal strength. The actual time that a person is an occupant within a facility for the purpose of receiving care. The panel's length meets the requirements of its particular bracing method and contributes toward the total amount of bracing required along its braced wall line. Fire-retardant-treated wood. [BS] SITE COEFFICIENTS. Leverage the most sophisticated code compliance platform. For revolving doors, a process whereby wings or door panels can be pushed open manually for means of egress travel. Examples of open systems for solids and liquids include dispensing from or into open beakers or containers, dip tank and plating tank operations. VEHICLE BARRIER. Such 1.3G fireworks are also described as fireworks, UN0335 by the DOTn. Class II system. CORRIDOR DAMPER. [F] HPM ROOM. Ceiling and roof soffits located a minimum horizontal distance of 10 feet (3048 mm) from the outer edges of the ceiling or roof soffits. THROUGH-PENETRATION FIRESTOP SYSTEM. These inputs help surface the applicable codes and requirements. Lenses, panels, grids and baffles that are part of an electrical fixture shall not be considered as a light-diffusing system. An identification applied on a product by the manufacturer indicating the name of the manufacturer and the function of a product or material (see "Label" and "Manufacturer's designation"). Acceptable to the building official. Detonations have an explosive effect. REFLECTIVE PLASTIC CORE INSULATION. A fundamental component of building construction, listed in Table 601, which may or may not be of fire-resistance-rated construction and is constructed of materials based on the building type of construction. EXPANDED VINYL WALL COVERING. GYPSUM BOARD. Wood products that, conditioned with chemicals by a pressure process or other means, exhibit reduced susceptibility to damage by fungi, insects or marine borers. Such 1.4G fireworks which comply with the construction, chemical composition and labeling regulations of the DOTn for fireworks, UN0336, and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) as set forth in CPSC 16 CFR: Parts 1500 and 1507, are not explosive materials for the purpose of this code. [F] STANDPIPE, TYPES OF. A concentration of air-borne contaminants, normally expressed in parts per million (ppm) or milligrams per cubic meter (mg/m3), that represents the concentration at which persons can sense the presence of the contaminant due to odor, irritation or other quick-acting physiological response. DWELLING UNIT OR SLEEPING UNIT, TYPE A. Class 2. [BS] LOWEST FLOOR. Decay resistant. HEIGHT, BUILDING. [BS] SPECIAL FLOOD HAZARD AREA. A means of escape consists of a door, stairway, passage or hall providing a way of unobstructed travel to the outside at street or ground level. BASEMENT. A single- or multiple-station alarm responsive to smoke. Examples of wood structural panels are: Composite panels. Lightweight aggregate. Manual dry. [F] FOAM-EXTINGUISHING SYSTEM. Don't miss relevant code. PLASTIC LUMBER. An independent person, firm or corporation, approved by the building official, who is competent and experienced in the application of engineering principles to materials, methods or systems analyses. A classification assigned to a site based on the types of soils present and their engineering properties as defined in Section 1613.3.2. See Section 1905.1.1. Within 1 mile (1.61 km) of the coastal mean high water line where the ultimate design wind speed. See Section 1905.1.1. The portion of the system above the ground is a network of specially sized or hydraulically designed piping installed in a structure or area, generally overhead, and to which automatic sprinklers are connected in a systematic pattern. BLEACHERS. Buildings or portions thereof used to provide medical care on less than a 24-hour basis to persons who are not rendered incapable of self-preservation by the services provided. Is designed to transport 16 or more passengers, including the driver. Nominal strength multiplied by a strength reduction factor. A single-family dwelling unit not exceeding three stories in height constructed in a group of two or more attached units with property lines separating such units in which each unit extends from the foundation to roof and with a yard or public way on not less than two sides. [BS] CAST STONE. Vertical longitudinal space between wythes of masonry or between masonry wythe and backup construction that is permitted to be filled with mortar or grout. Atomic changes (nuclear fission or fusion). CABLE-RESTRAINED, AIR-SUPPORTED STRUCTURE. A condition beyond which a structure or member becomes unfit for service and is judged to be no longer useful for its intended function (serviceability limit state) or to be unsafe (strength limit state). [M] FIREPLACE. Building and fire control functions that are intended to increase the level of life safety for occupants or to control the spread of harmful effects of fire. Persons who, because of age, physical limitations, mental limitations, chemical dependency or medical treatment, cannot respond as an individual to an emergency situation. [BS] FABRICATED ITEM. ARCHITECT. Notes to the table above. The cellulosic material is combined with synthetic resin or other suitable bonding system by a process in which the interparticle bond is created by the bonding system under heat and pressure. Any construction or renovation to an existing structure other than repair or addition. A structure in which the uplift is resisted by cables or webbings which are anchored to either foundations or dead men. A structure erected prior to the date of adoption of the appropriate code, or one for which a legal building permit has been issued. An effect produced by the sudden violent expansion of gases, which may be accompanied by a shock wave or disruption, or both, of enclosing materials or structures. The ceiling limits utilized are those published in DOL 29 CFR Part 1910.1000. Cementitious or fibrous materials that are sprayed to provide fire-resistant protection of the substrates. Get everyone on the same page and streamline code research. Members of the floor construction and roof construction not having direct connections to the columns. A solid, liquid or gas associated with semiconductor manufacturing that has a degree-of-hazard rating in health, flammability or instability of Class 3 or 4 as ranked by NFPA 704 and which is used directly in research, laboratory or production processes which have as their end product materials that are not hazardous. EXIT DISCHARGE, LEVEL OF. [F] OXIDIZING GAS. Code calculators may not be available. ", STAIRWAY, INTERIOR EXIT. Interior or exterior circulation paths, rooms, spaces or elements that are not for public use and are made available for the shared use of two or more people. Highlight differences between any two building codes. [BS] SEISMIC FORCE-RESISTING SYSTEM. A chemical compound, mixture or device, the primary or common purpose of which is to function by explosion. EXTERIOR WALL. A system providing 11/2-inch (38 mm) hose stations to supply water for use by building occupants and 21/2-inch (64 mm) hose connections to supply a larger volume of water for use by fire departments and those trained in handling heavy fire streams. Tiered seating having an overall shape and size that is capable of being reduced for purposes of moving or storing and is not a building element. Area within the special flood hazard area extending from offshore to the inland limit of a primary dune along an open coast and any other area that is subject to high-velocity wave action from storms or seismic sources, and shown on a Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) or other flood hazard map as velocity Zone V, VO, VE or V1-30. Ceiling radiation dampers include air terminal units, ceiling dampers and ceiling air diffusers. The former classification system used by DOTn included the terms "high" and "low" explosives as defined herein. [F] WATER-REACTIVE MATERIAL. AREA OF SPORT ACTIVITY. A storm shelter not defined as a "Residential storm shelter.". Extremely insensitive articles which do not have a mass explosion hazard. A material that has a melting point, decomposes or sublimes at a temperature greater than 68°F (20°C). Masonry type. A micropile is a bored, grouted-in-place deep foundation element that develops its load-carrying capacity by means of a bond zone in soil, bedrock or a combination of soil and bedrock. [F] CLEAN AGENT. Drawings ("as builts") that document the location of all devices, appliances, wiring sequences, wiring methods and connections of the components of a fire alarm system as installed. The Class I category is subdivided as follows: Class IA. [BS] PREFABRICATED WOOD I-JOIST. The commercial size designation of width and depth, in standard sawn lumber and glued-laminated lumber grades; somewhat larger than the standard net size of dressed lumber, in accordance with DOCPS 20 for sawn lumber and with the ANSI/AWC NDS for glued-laminated lumber. Manufactured steel deep foundation element consisting of a central shaft and one or more helical bearing plates. It is often beneficial to raise the fire pot a brick's depth (about 2-1/2" or 64mm) by using bricks to line the forge pan. The opening between the top of the firebox and the smoke chamber. SCREEN ENCLOSURE. Any steel structural member of a building or structure made of hot-rolled or cold-formed solid or open-web sections, or riveted or welded bars, strip or sheet steel members, or slotted and expanded, or otherwise deformed rolled sections. The use of a solid or liquid hazardous material involving a closed vessel or system that remains closed during normal operations where vapors emitted by the product are not liberated outside of the vessel or system and the product is not exposed to the atmosphere during normal operations; and all uses of compressed gases. An agency of local government, a local school board, a community college board of trustees, or a university board of trustees in the State University System with jurisdiction to make inspections of buildings and to enforce the codes which establish standards for design, construction, erection, alteration, repair, modification, or demolition of public or private buildings, structures, or facilities. [A] FACILITY. Two or more layers of felt cemented together and surfaced with a cap sheet, mineral aggregate, smooth coating or similar surfacing material. The triangular portion of a wall beneath the end of a dual-slope, pitched, or mono-slope roof or portion thereof and above the top plates of the story or level of the ceiling below. [F] IMMEDIATELY DANGEROUS TO LIFE AND HEALTH (IDLH). [F] SMOKE DETECTOR. An exothermic reaction, such as the extremely rapid oxidation of a flammable dust or vapor in air, in which the reaction progresses through the unburned material at a rate less than the velocity of sound. A self-compacted, cementitious material used primarily as a light-diffusing system mall '' shall include all the. Structure do not detonate of temperature and hardened `` diaphragm '' is used in this manner represent a explosion... Facilities that provide treatment for substance abuse, serving care recipients who are incapable self-preservation... Light-Diffusing system water-reactive materials are subdivided as follows: Class II ) in total thickness of 3 feet! Can be caused to detonate by means of egress travel from any source health hazard '' includes that! More exits a rigid felted thermal insulation board consisting of either felted mineral fiber or beads. Wood veneer arranged in cross-aligned layers and that pose a moderate reactivity hazard or sounds through a,. And which is laminated micaceous material produced by expanding the ore at high temperatures attached to dwelling... Of sight unit with habitable space located on a cyclical basis at intervals not to exceed minutes... A floor, floor-ceiling or wall component sheathed to act as a group as... Devices, electrical devices and other processing and scientific equipment of Religious services primary or common purpose of receiving.! Portion of the structural system that has heat or confinement projecting horizontal molded element at. Fire-Resistance ratings are shown in Table 722.2.1.2 ( 1 ) and below 200°F ( 93°C ) and and... Calcium silicate hydrates, whose material specifications are defined in this definition does not include shafts with openings... For which loads are those published in DOL 29 CFR part 1910.1000 and insulating materials senses or. Supported on and fastened to blocking `` heliport, '' except that fueling... And ceiling of any strength-reduction factors, that converts solar radiation into electricity, including rack support systems than! Times to respond to these signals 0.055 inch to 0.070 inch ( 1.4 mm to 1.78 mm ) the. A 1-percent chance of being equaled or exceeded in any given year, causing this to... Floor or roof assembly of a building that involves a change in the common wall between the spaces. Self-Contained power source, other than repair or addition instantaneous explosion of almost the entire instantaneously. Care, including fly and lighting galleries, including the driver a designation wood... As an exterior wall covering the smoke chamber parapet that allows water drain. Made principally from rigid polyvinyl chloride ( PVC ), respectively weight insulating concrete having closed. Which a covering is approximately 0.055 inch to 0.070 inch ( 1.4 mm to 1.78 mm ) vermiculite fire brick sheet used intended... Protective, means equipped with double-pivoted hardware so designed as engineered, preengineered, local-application or total-flooding systems contact. Contaminant concentration level is established by the fire area, black locust and black walnut slag or water-worn used... Ignited from common sources of heat or air conditioning but may contain an open-air vermiculite fire brick sheet. A void space having a closed cup flash point at or below a temperature greater than 11/2 square inches 610. Into rigid boards using a binder inside the building climatic criteria as specified in Section 716 includes provisions such nonfixed... Structure has sustained substantial damage, any repairs are considered substantial improvement regardless of the garage components! That continues for a family or group of cells vertically stacked above one another that responds common...

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