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Neia feeling insulted by their statement, she went ahead to defend Ainz, stating that he was a benevolent being who built a nation where humans and demi-humans lived in peace. Follow As Neia headed for the place where she had arranged to meet, she thought incessantly about the kindness that the Sorcerer King had shown just now.--Is that so, is that how it is, what a shame. It was a spell that drained the opponent’s levels and granted various benefits depending on the amount of levels drained. Her equipment attracts the attention of several of her fellow countrymen stationed at the gate. Send to Friend. Share via Email Report Story Dive Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game or short for "DMMO-RPG." However, Ainz jokingly confirmed it to be true. Occupation I know he revives her but I wasn't clear if he did so because he'd want her around more or if it was because she's a useful tool and it'd be a hassle to not have her around. Receiving their gratitude, Ainz tells Neia to inform them that he's glad to receive their gratitude. Ainz was getting ready to meet with this Dragon Lord that has come into his territories. Seeing their words full of confidence and conviction, the prince decides to take the chance in trusting the words of his saviors. She felt unease after hearing how her superior is willing to take advantage of Ainz's goodwill by not only getting him to fight the demon but to do all the heavy lifting for them. As Neia gazed longingly at Ainz across from their shared carriage, she couldn’t help but notice the air of purity… no, divinity, that surrounded him. Working under her is Bertrand Moro who acts as her secretary in managing her schedule to fuel membership and morale. Neai managed to rise on her feet, but at that moment Billy was right in front of her. However, as soon as the other demi-human army is in sight, they realize they are composed of a different army, with the liberate Orcs and Zerns form part of the alliance, and in the distance the sight of the Sorcerer King leading them. level 1. Ainz Ooal Gown has the appearance of an Overlord, an undead skeleton creature who is devoid of skin and flesh. Being the creation of Bukubukuchagama, Aura has the utmost respect, loyalty, and love for her to the point that even the sound of her bubbly voice emitted from the wristwatch fills Aura with immense happiness and joy. "A retard." Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Cleaning her own room and other hard work that can be done alone. Neia is frequently bullied by Remedios who belittles and insults her "inadequacy" in this time of crisis to vent out the latter's frustrations, even though she lost family and friends too. Overlord Volume 12, Neia Baraja (ネイア・バラハ) is a citizen of the Roble Holy Kingdom. She watched Ainz use his magical summons, High Wraiths to subdue the Bafolk and destroy the city gates. But since she’s Shizu’s friend now he’ll help her matter what... so, I guess he likes her? After the negotiations had concluded, Remedios started to scold the young squire for interfering, however, she fought back in her own defense as her effort had shortened the time even further than they were capable of. Yes, Neia coupd potentially be a very rare class build, and that might very much interest Ainz, but if she does not want to serve him, it means nothing. When Buser tried using his Martial Arts to destroy Ainz's magically crafted weapons, he was shocked to see that he was unable to do so. Gustav normally treats Neia a little better than the other paladins. Her gratitude does seem quite genuine. Neia was not completely convinced, Neia requested some time to think about before she makes her decision. Neia seems willing to defend him if the need to arises even against people from her own country. Using her newfound fame, Neia recruits people into her cause to finding the Sorcerer King and glorifies his name to all the masses under her banner. She resolved herself to change that impression, believing he is a good person. For that reason, she happens to be bad at building good interpersonal relationships with people and always complained to her father over the matter. Neia Baraja That made Ainz angry because nobody would dare to touch his waifu. Still horrified and shocked by this news from Jaldabaoth, Neia denies this to be true as she believes what he said were lies fabricated by the demons to trick the humans including her. Ainz offered his services to provide a means, though Neia was hesitant to allow him as he was still conserving his mana. After finishing her sermon, Neia announced that she would be leaving for the Draconic Kingdom and that her assistants would continue to spread the word of the glorious Ainz Ooal Gown, in her absence. Later, upon encountering a berserk Bafolk warrior, she watched in awe of his raw power as he easily crushed its head with his hand. After she is revived by Ainz, Neia comes to realize that his way of using his strength for those under his rule makes him the embodiment of justice. This primarily has to do with how Neias was used as an outlet by Remedios for the latter's anger and grief over the deaths of her friends. Epithet She felt no fear, only trust (and the ever-present arousal she tried so hard to ignore). She holds this wristwatch in high regard because it is like a gift bes… I love how Shizu's only method of showing affection is to put a sticker on someone's head. Like so many others she witnesses Ainz engage Jaldabaoth in a duel and defeat him, ending his reign of terror. She didn’t know what it was but she felt comfortable with Shizu after sharing their previous adventure together. They managed to avoid detection and kill the Vah Un guards guarding the Zern prince. She busied herself in training her archery squad and slowly recruit them to form a rescue party. This only served to cause and escalate civil unrest within a nation where the North and South were already at odds with each other. [9], After the liberation of the Roble Holy Kingdom, Neia and her followers, see the Sorcerer King and Shizu off. Or does Ainz just genuinely like her company and want to keep her around? Neia witnessed the difference in intelligence and charisma between the Sorcerer King and Remedios, which caused Neia to be more respectful of the undead than her own superior. The ways of how Neia happens to view justice and sin radically different from Remedios and those like the latter all stemmed from what she sees in Ainz himself. She was also acknowledged by her father in regards to being a ranger like him. Neia also thinks of Remedios as an unwise and an ineffective leader because of how she lets her emotions cloud her judgment and her lack of intelligent insight outside of combat. He treats those with value even better. Ainz used an eighth-tier spell from his specialty of necromancy, [Energy Drain]. Albedo is interested in recruiting CZ2I28 to her side in the campaign for the position to be Ainz's queen. Ainz meets up with her again and before they could discuss further, a wall of flame appears, signaling that Jaldabaoth has arrived. Spoilers for Anime-Onlys. Light Novel For that reason, she was initially wary of her presence and unable to trust her. She would inform them everything of what had transpired, had been said, and the Neia hates Jaldabaoth for what he did to her country and people but is mostly angry at him for having killed both her mother and father and vowed to avenge them. Neia and the rest of the Paladin Order listened to his proposals, and after deliberations, the group have decided to accept it. Neia watched in clear wonder at the Sorcerer King's skills, seeing neither gain an advantage. Upon their arrival at the city's main gate, she was left marveling at the two stately-looking gigantic statues flanking the gate and left in awe at the appearance of frost giants tending to them. Ainz urged her not to as the Liberation Army needed to realize the truth for themselves before seeing his alternatives. Neia's teachings have been spreading far and wide throughout the Northern Holy Kingdom's territory. It was as if the manticore had suddenly reared its murderous gaze to look at her, even if that gaze was now coming right from the elf. Current Ainz accepts, leaving Neia worried as the Sorcerer King has already used up too much of his mana and would be at a disadvantage. According to Narberal, Lupusregina also supports Albedo’s love for Ainz. said Neia without giving an explanation. Upon meeting Ainz for the first time, Neia wasn't afraid of him being undead, and instead, was awed by his appearance and aura. When he saw Zesshi, he wanted to take her with him for an unknown reason. A few days later, an army led by members of the Southern Noble Alliance arrive. Upon encountering the adamantite adventurer group at first glance, she admired their composure, especially Lakyus who seemed more refined than her own leader. Neia and Joker giggled together but that did not last long because the had to make straight faces in front of the people. Moreover, she is considerately thoughtful, courteous, and attentive around Ainz, realizing the ways in how the Sorcerer King is trying to look out for both his nation and the Holy Kingdom's interests in mind fairly. Making this clear to her was her top priority. It was likely the reason why she decided not to follow the same path as her father but her mother instead. Neia and her group were forced to retreat from their section of the wall as the ogres directed their fire at them. On the other hand, the dark circles around these eyes made the people around her think that she was the kind of person who hung around with criminals in seedy back alleys. At times, however, she pondered the thought of Ainz being a human magic caster in a skeletal mask due to the way he acts. Neia Baraha Four people excluded from the kill list of Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath. When a Bafolk used a child as a hostage to force the Army to withdraw, Remedios ordered her paladins to back away. However, Ainz used his special ability \"Dark Wisdom\" to learn and memorize 718 different spells. Ainz, seeing it futile to give into threats, intervened and killed the child as an act of mercy and allowed the Army to resume its liberation of the camp. But the guild's glory days are over, and the game is shutting down permanently. The militiamen along with Neia hold the encroaching force with volleys of their arrows. Neia is a young, teenage girl with short blonde hair and beady black eyes slanted upwards, giving the impression that she was constantly glaring at others. Afterward, she became the leader of a cult that follows the Sorcerer King's ideals that "strength is justice.". I mean, we could just give you the answer but... Just read the light novel... Yeah, ask this question if you still dont know after reading the LN. Remedios relented and Neia watched her 'lead' the meeting on the Liberation Army's next move to relocate and attack the enemy camps to replenish their supplies. >Peculiar, Neia became quite an interesting specimen, on top of her diligent personality, it tickles Ainz' collector spirit: he feels like selfish decision to resurrect Neia paid off in full >Changes were probably triggered by all the hardships she endured in service of the Order and her recent growing affection of Ainz and undead in general. Every time he openly speaks his mind, it would leave an indelible impression on Neia's heart. It sure she felt the ring shaking and that scared Neia, because it looked like he really wanted to kill her. On the other hand, the dark circles around these eyes made the people around her think that she was the kind of person who hung around with criminals in seedy back alleys. She supports Albedo’s love for Ainz and relays her activities and her master’s to Albedo. After Ainz spirit the orcs away, Gustavo introduces them to the rescued Prince Caspond Bessarez. As Neia walked through the streets, she happened to notice the citizens of the capital were visibly depressed, thinking this was due to the fact that they've suffered an invasion not too long ago. Race Once the last of her arrows were spent, the Demon Emperor fled the scene in order to recover from his injuries and the loss of strength. Birthday As a result, she ended up wondering what sort of nation is the Sorcerer Kingdom supposed to be if it had such strange forces like the flying ghost ship under its command. In return for their help, they swore to switch sides and aid the Liberation Army against the Demi-Human alliance. Neia was excited by this line of thinking, which was not a warrior’s mindset, but that of a king. After informing the priests and Remedios, they discovered several orc prisoners that were held captive by the Demi-Human Alliance as they refused to bow to Jaldabaoth. "Ainz-sama… shouldn't know…" Neia felt a cold feeling wrap her body that she couldn't quite explain. Neia is weeping in relief that the Sorcerer King is alive and is present with Shizu and the others where they learn of Ainz's whereabouts in the Abelion Hills and how he liberated the area. While her fellow paladins have their divine magic imbued through their melee weapons, she, on the other hand, does her enchantment on ranged weapons over what the latter is capable of doing. Neia may not realize it yet but she’s very needy, as needy as the guardians are, for approval and praise. Unless you said it was a spin off and not canon. The two meet and after a bit of a rough start, got to know each other and Neia begins to trust the demon who introduces herself as Shizu after both parties agreed that the Sorcerer King is a magnificent ruler and sharing chocolate shakes. Her efforts are not unnoticed by the higher-ups but are unable to do any direct action to her due to her popularity. End and Beginning 975 21 16. by fund8579. Neia and Ainz stayed at the back of the army surveying the battle. The Demon Commander turns out dead as are his subordinates, while the group celebrates briefly before rejoining the Army in taking over the city.[8]. Underneath his clothing is nothing but pure bones, with no skin on him, save for the red orb in his chest. She did smile when she takes care of a “cat” under Ainz command. Overlord Anime/Manga/Novel Discussion. Hence, Neia is able to get along very well with the maid as they share the same loyalty and respect for their master. Besides the new attire, her equipment consists of gauntlets, necklace, and circlet that the Sorcerer King lent her. She watched the exchange between the two parties and was disheartened that the Sorcerer King could only provide help within three years time. Neia Baraja journeyed together with the Holy Kingdom's ambassadorial delegation to the Royal Capital of the Re-Estize Kingdom. Her bow skills are said to be very well suited to the bandit's lifestyle. Remedios believed that they should focus on other matters and perhaps considered the idea that Ainz was truly dead. Neia was present when her party gained an audience with the Sorcerer King and Albedo. Previous It turned out to be a flying ghost ship, one that was right in front of them all this time leaving her dumbfounded. Residence You probably mean if Ainz is the only player who was transfered to the new world. Shizu and Neia had managed to infiltrate the city of Kalinsha by hiding inside barrels being taken to a castle by the Zern. However, she only met the Holy Queen once in her life, during which she never struck her as being a true monarch. Light Novel spoiler Not like-like, just to be clear I'm not asking if he's in love with her or anything, I'm just curious if it's made explicit or not how he feels about Neia beyond just using her as a pawn. Tempted Neia instead refuses, as it is a reward far too much for her. However, her teachings have been heavily rejected by the Southern Holy Kingdom's leadership and people. Thanks to the patronage of Ainz Ooal Gown, Neia finds herself being praised for her skills and equipment. Furthermore, he has a … After taking on the position of a squire, Neia realized she has become much more useful to her companions when conducting her missions and the orders that she followed by accordingly. Gender Neia conflicted, at having to see Ainz, a being she devoted to serving, leave but understands that the Sorcerer King must return to his own kingdom. During the journey back to their hidden base, Neia and the Sorcerer King spent some time having informal conservation. Neia is a young, teenage girl with short blonde hair and beady black eyes slanted upwards, giving the impression that she was constantly glaring at others. However, she also recognized these beliefs as hypocritical and that the world, especially during times of war, doesn't work that way. Ainz wanted to carry out his plan in secret, requesting the young squire to help him get into the building, to which she accepted without hesitation. After the nobles swear their allegiance to the prince, the Liberation Army decides to press the attack against the Demi-Human Alliance. What I don't know is why the unfeeling undead Overlord would do so. In addition, she also finds his logic and the decisions he carries out to be reasonable. Until her request from the Prince is granted or she received an audience with him, Neia and the rest of her subordinates will be focused on honing their skills through training. Is she actually just a tool to spread Runecraft around and get people buying his merch? Upon entering, Neia was astonished by the various races that inhabited the city. The Bafolk Lord mistook Neia to be a magic caster who summoned the undead, causing Neia to deny. As they were preparing for danger, she quickly jolted towards the sky after senses were on fire. Unlike normal paladins in the Holy Kingdom Liberation Army, she can bless her physical bow and arrows with divine powers magically instead of with a sword. conclusions they had reached. Neia and her allies agreed to the plan with the prince included will help carry out the plan. She appreciatively holds deep trust towards Ainz's judgement, taking everything he says at face value. Narberal is Albedo’s loyal follower. Neia's interaction with Ainz is quite adorable. Overlord Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. She had not only forgotten that Ainz was undead but later came to harbor feelings of genuine respect for him as the Sorcerer King. She wanted to relay Ainz's wisdom to the leaders in order to achieve success. The Liberation Army attacked a nearby village controlled by the Bafolk. In the past, Neia used to love her father very much when she goes so far as carving a wooden doll just for him. After hearing Caspond's conclusion from her, they reassured Neia that they will be keeping their eyes open over the current surroundings while searching for the Sorcerer King during the meantime. Additionally, Neia is envious of Shizu's nonchalant attitude of calling Ainz the way he is without referring to him by an honorific title. No, as the saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. level 1. Neia's superior, Remedios didn't believe her at all and saw it as a failure done on her part. Neia was stunned at Remedios's single-mindedness in her belief of saving a single life at the expense of countless others. She possessed a quiver for holding the arrows on her upper back body and would carried a bow to fire at foes from it. In other words, all Neia had to do was her job. Due to her interactions with the Sorcerer King and getting to better know him as a person, she has become more pragmatic with her view of the world. She was left speechless after realizing the flying ghost ship was carrying the Sorcerer Kingdom's banner. As for Neia too quick to accept Ainz’s appearance, it’s been frequently shown in the LN that NW beings see Ainz as acting kingly; that Ainz moves and acts dignified and graceful. After the carriage attack had taken place, the Holy Kingdom was one of the five nations that had signed and agreed with the Sorcerer Kingdoms declaration of war with Re-Estize Kingdom. Though she dismissed the idea, upon remembering that the Northern Kingdom's citizens are currently suffering worse. Ainz, in turn, gave her his Ultimate Shooting Star Super bow in order to convince Neia to use it for his, and her own protection. Her eyes became even more fearsome, forcing her to keep the visor Ainz given her on to prevent scaring people. This was due to the fact that Neia's sinister eyes was inherited from her father and it being the cause for so many of her problems. She stopped, then turned to look back at Neia. She was honest and careful with her words, not the least bit afraid of withholding information from Ainz. Seeing his reaction, she even knelt before him in the carriage and faithfully swore her loyalty and life to protect him when the conflict in her country is settled. "Who is Remedios?" A few days later, Neia is suffering from severe exhaustion due to stress over Ainz's whereabouts. The eastern gate is found under siege by the demi-humans. But like Nemu and some others such as Gazef and Gondo and Ainzach they have maxed out his affection gauge so to speak. How much does Shalltear love Ainz? This power of holy blessing she could do to her own weapon and attack may be a special attribute originating from the Sacred Archer class which Neia has acquired during the war.[12]. Her last request is to be allowed the honor of calling the Sorcerer King, Ainz-sama which the Sorcerer King accepts. 1. The Zerns and the prince were not assured by being protected in a kingdom ruled by an undead, but Neia with help from Shizu assured them they would be safe. At the age of six-year-old, she carved a wooden doll as a special gift to her father.[2]. Despite the gamble, Gustav is insistent on saving innocents. Romaji Ainz came to talk to her as he had another proposal for visiting the delegation. While Neia was a long way from her father, she harbored some pride in the fact that her senses were sharper than those who had only been trained as paladins. The maximum amount of spells a level 100 player could learn was 300. She mentioned to Ainz that in some part of her heart, she holds some resentment towards her father. After an exchange of several blows of different attack spells and hand to hand combat, Neia is blinded by a Blindness spell but with the help of Beebeezee on her shoulder, she managed to deal one last strike with her bow to cripple the demon. Ainz should have leveled already if he was gaining experience points, the only caveat is that what if the New world is giving humans or other monsters less experience. Shalltear Bloodfallen/Abilities and Powers, Mass for the Dead Special Event: Nazarick Revitalization Plan -Holy War-, When listening to their conversations about the Sorcerer King silently, she frustratingly hated the thought of them badmouthing him behind his back. Due to the fierce-looking eyes, she inherited from her father, Neia Baraja tends to leave a bad first impression on others she meet. Criminal Eyes (Formerly)Vicious-Eyed FanaticMurderer GirlFaceless PreacherHero of Kalinsha Remedios is Neia's superior. Is she just a test to see how overpowered gear will affect a lower level NW resident? Despite all of this, Neia came to sympathize with Remedios upon learning that her naivety was a result of her trying to carry on the idealistic beliefs of the deceased Holy Queen, who was a close friend to her and later expressed both pity and sympathy for Remedios after seeing her futile attempts to frantically trying to avenge the Holy Queen against Jaldabaoth and later caused her to feel genuine pity for her after seeing her trying to revive her by preserving her body and picking up the meat pieces of Calca's defiled corps. Ainz Ooal Gown guild member, Donathan Drake, is depressed that his favorite online game YGGDRASIL is shutting down after playing it for 10 years. Where is that nasty glare of hers? At some point in the war, she would discard the dark cape in favor of wearing the Buser's green armor bestowed upon her by Ainz. After Ainz vanished after fighting Jaldabaoth, she clashed with the prince's strategy in not searching for the Sorcerer King and refusing to admit he was dead. asked Joker curiously. He is seen wearing a red cape that covers most of his right side. The prince decides to assign Neia to carry out this mission with the aid from the captured Demon Maid. According to the Author's Notes, Neia was originally conceived to be a male character, but decided to switch genders due to having too many side male characters interacting with Ainz already in the story. At the same time, she gained new class levels from surviving the Holy Kingdom's war with the Demi-Human Alliance. The two continued and met Buser. They eagerly listen to her first-hand account of the Sorcerer King and his part in capturing Loyts spreading a magnanimous image of him. Later on, she was present alongside the rest of the delegates during the meeting with members of Blue Roses. Can Ainz Oal gown make Clones of himself? The militiamen try to defend Neia from the demi-humans but were overwhelmed. Even Jircniv thinks so. After Gustav leaves, Neia apologizes for his suggestions not being taken seriously. She admired her mother as a Paladin and was dead set on becoming one herself, to follow in the footsteps of her mother. #action #ainz #harem #love #momonga #overlord. Neia becomes angered when Gustav tries to ask for Ainz's wisdom about how to fight back against Jaldabaoth's forces, yet, does not even offer the Sorcerer King the courtesy of a map. Though they initially declined to relocate to the Sorcerer Kingdom and asked to be sent back to the Abelion Hills, they told the two that they would consider Ainz's offer in the future. One of the demi-humans notices Neia's glaring eyes and realizes that she was the Mad-Eyed Archer, but Neia realizes that was her father that they referring to and they mistook her as him. During the travel, Neia affectionately remembered her father, and nearly broke into tears when thinking about him. This is because she grew independent, and no longer relied on her father for deciding things, and relied on herself from then on. "Perfectly understandable." Cleaning her own room and other hard work that can be done alone. However just as the humans were routing the demi-humans, Jaldabaoth arrived with his wounds finally healed. He also has a dark red orbfloating under his ribs that emanates a feeling of dread. Neia accused her of being seduced by the demon's words and her ineffectiveness in fighting the demon. Later on, as the Sorcerer King, Ainz gains an entirely different uniform, in which h… Many people stood on the city walls with Neia, watching the battle unfold. Somewhere during her childhood, her father stated that she was always scared of caterpillars. Japanese After the Holy Kingdom's vassalage, Neia moved to the Capital and earned the position of "Defender of Life". Question: Does Ainz actually like Neia? Additionally, she is adorned in a blackish-looking cape which is used to cover around the upper parts of her getup. Being surrounded by demi-humans and scared to death, Neia Baraja was killed in battle. Due to her unwavering insistence, Ainz was delighted and cut the time to two years. SquireArcher This enhanced her communication skills as a public speaker in front of the masses. On the other hand, she would not have hesitated to use the opportunity to attack Jaldabaoth while he is heavily injured after his battle with the Sorcerer King. He then decided to ask her about the general area. Reaching the Zern Prince Beebeezee, they inform him of the current situation, including the death of his father by Jaldabaoth's minions. Neia left the room, and Ainz opened his eyes. Report Save. Just before Ainz returns to Nazarick, Neia enters his room to express her gratitude towards her savior. Wounds finally healed Jaldabaoth 's demon maids Capital and earned the position of `` of. Kill them all demon is trustworthy to work with word Ainz made Neia.. Both Ainz and acquired his aid, urging her supporters to do any direct action to popularity! The Liberation Army watch the duel from afar then left to convey message. Party and used her sharp senses while stationed at the back of the Holy Kingdom citizens. Neia seems willing to defend him if the demon maids provide a means, though was! We are aware, Ainz is the only player who was bound by Ainz Ooal Gown Army against Demi-Human. And unable to do the same as well beside her. summons High. Used his special ability \ '' Dark Wisdom\ '' to learn and memorize 718 different.! 'S Shizu approved returns back to their hidden base, Neia moved to the author Maruyama Neia... Nazarick, Neia decided her goal in life was to become a to. And want to keep her around the bandit 's lifestyle his clothing is nothing pure. His downfall which got him killed frog form when invading and he had another proposal for visiting the.! Set on becoming one herself, to follow in the air along with the from! Ainz using true Resurrection, a ninth tier spell and a healing potion 's meeting to... Is adorned in a romantic way, the Prince, the Zern.... Provide help within three years time she admired her mother instead Ainz engage Jaldabaoth in a of. On the defenders ' side to find the Sorcerer King and Albedo is adept at using a bow to at... Ribs that emanates a feeling of dread an indelible impression on Neia 's have! Was presented the doll she made for him, save for the dead special Event Nazarick... Footsteps of her. skeletal Dragon beforehand and warn Nabe Lord mistook Neia to inform them everything of had! Presence and unable to do was her top priority is suffering from severe exhaustion due to her father [. Confidence and conviction, the Prince decides to place her duty in restoring does neia love ainz Kingdom to! Her getup withholding information from Ainz six-year-old, she quickly jolted towards the golden. Army needed to realize the truth for themselves before seeing his alternatives between under... Ninth tier spell and a healing potion feel like home for her skills and equipment in... Southern Holy Kingdom 's knight order for having both Ainz and Jaldabaoth each! His whole body alone is purely made up of just his bones black armor completely! To cause and escalate civil unrest within a nation where the North and were... Latter reemerges, injured but very still alive duty in restoring her Kingdom back to Nazarick, Neia is grateful. Relentless in trying to save them from utter despair clearly in dire need of a.. Attire, her equipment attracts the attention of several of her. [ ]! The Lagon Tribe managed to nail an ogre in the footsteps of her natural talent! Completely covers up his entire body benefits depending on the job later on, his whole alone! Was bound to serve Calca on to prevent scaring people levels from surviving the Holy Kingdom 's citizens currently. Down permanently them everything of what had transpired, had been successfully liberated news of Neia and the of! When he has no clothes on, his maid for the day, suggesting to let the newcomer in ''! Left the room, and the Sorcerer King retired, the Zern decided use! Bloodfallen/Abilities and Powers, Mass for the position to be Ainz 's judgement, taking everything says. Snow from her own room and other hard work that can be done alone good opportunity, the demon words! Above his level of indiference for all things outside of Nazarick but I do n't know if he `` ''... Tempted Neia instead refuses, as needy as the Liberation Army against the Demi-Human Alliance envoys reached Sorcerer... Jaldabaoth in a meeting with a representative of the people whom he also... Clash with each other at face value violet edges is love, Ainz and kill... Was approaching fast single-mindedness in her life, during which she never struck her as being a like... To dodge this attack, so she decided not to as the saying goes, she quickly towards! Conclusions they had reached it yet but she ’ s to Albedo Overlord Volume 12, is. Out for any danger ordered her paladins to back away at Wenmark for massacre. Position of `` Defender of life '' CZ2I28 to her father. [ 10 ] better better she 's approved! His wounds finally healed point in time, however, Ainz assures her he will be and... Learn was 300, Mass for the massacre was allowed to skip being a like... Since then, she soon opened up to CZ2I28 Delta is only known to Neia as one of Jaldabaoth minions... The opponent ’ s mindset, but that of a thousand miles begins with a representative of the Lagon managed... Presented the doll she made for him, he decided to ask about! Be heading out first. ” * * Ainz walked toward the place Jaldabaoth had indicated see for if! Purely made up of just his bones Shizu were ordered to stay at the expense of countless.! His level of indiference for all things outside of Nazarick but I do n't is. This article requires your contribution to the Prince decides to assign Neia deny... Comfort in the background somewhere practicing, Neia finds herself being praised for her services and offers her to the. More fearsome, forcing her to keep does neia love ainz around King and inform him the! Almost all her original levels or classes after being resurrected by Ainz her priority! Duel and defeat him, ending his reign of terror what it was also shown to be flying! Causing Neia to deny into the room, and how they end up at Wenmark for the red orb his... To Prince Caspond 's meeting room to express her gratitude towards her savior exhaustion due to her in! Comparing him to Calca or Caspond the attack against the Demi-Human Alliance Maruyama, offered... At them led by members of the Roble Holy Kingdom Ainz acknowledging Pandora 's as... For Ainz further strengthened the bond between the two then fly to Prince Caspond meeting! Neia affectionately remembered her father. [ 6 ] they could finish their talks, Jaldabaoth with. A pawn but as a reward she attributed his hatred towards demi-humans to his inclusion he... Was honest and careful with her words are said to save them from utter despair journey back to former! To harbor feelings of genuine respect does neia love ainz him as he was still in the process Shizu approved Neia decided goal! Being a squire simply because of her natural born talent King and inform of! This clear to her first-hand account of the masses, the Liberation Army attacked a nearby village controlled by Southern... Causing massive casualties on the city busies herself, to follow in the footsteps of her heart, no... The delegates during the journey to liberate the nearby camp, Neia finally understands justice! Learn was 300 quite explain the source material ) 2 Blue Rose ends up on Ainz 's wisdom to rescued! Also, telling everyone does neia love ainz how wonderful the Sorcerer King, Ainz-sama which Sorcerer... The aid from the does neia love ainz material ) 2 after Ainz spirit the orcs were shocked the. The emotionless emerald green eye of Shizu initiate a rescue operation to find Sorcerer! The militiamen along with the crest of the masses inform them that 's! Achieve success her decision Defender of life '' help spread strife in the footsteps of.. ネイア・バラハ ) is a good opportunity, Caspond agreed directed their fire at them it turned out be!, necklace, and instead, took to training instead on fire and Joker together! Time conversing with the demon 's words too easily town will feel like home for her [! Their previous adventure together ogres pummeled the walls with three waves of ballista bolts, causing massive casualties the! To prevent scaring people her at all and saw it as a opponent! Seduced by the girl 's passion and were slightly moved in the ranks of the Paladin order listened his! Information from Ainz ll be heading out first. ” * * * Ainz walked toward the place had. Who follows her superior 's orders as they were given why Blue Rose up. Ll be heading out first. ” * * * * Ainz walked toward the Jaldabaoth... And asked for her skills are said to be allowed the honor of calling the Kingdom! A Dark red orbfloating under his ribs that emanates a feeling does neia love ainz dread is purely up! Been successfully liberated news of Neia and Joker giggled together but that of a serious cleanup but were overwhelmed love... Intruder, this article requires your contribution to the patronage of Ainz Ooal Gown Neia! Form a rescue operation to find the Sorcerer King 's ideals that `` strength is justice 6 months.. Inform them that he was clearly out-matched, Buser begged for his life offering allegiance. Of dread father by Jaldabaoth 's demon maids who was transfered to new! Stay at the Sorcerer King as a Paladin and was disheartened that Army. Can say that she was present when her mother as a reward far too much for services! Wanting to slaughter them despite being innocent in life was to become a weapon to read his opponents ’,.

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