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Joey has a real nice and comfortable B&B right off the trail, where you can get a great night's sleep at a reasonable price. Geanine Lehmann, Madison, AL, The 2009 ride organized ride was just completed. Some small amounts of food, long distance some days, some days you will see no one. The owner is a very welcoming man and appears to cook the meals himself along with the other staff. I have wider ones but my gal had to stop and wait for me to get the car! Automotive, Aircraft & Boat in Tebbetts, Missouri . I was told of occasional sightings of copperheads but never saw any of those rascals.Camping proved to be a bit of a challenge. Accommodations in the small towns along the trail were fine, and service was always friendly. We'll build our nature our own damn selves! We began our ride in Clinton with cool temperatures and overcast skies which cleared for a great day of riding. Although there is a new highway bridge crossing the MO river at Washington with a protected bike lane, this Dutzow-Washington route requires biking on a narrow shoulder of a very busy highway 47 for 3 miles. He did fly however. We flew to St. Louis, were shuttled to the Katy Bike Rental shop and then shuttled across Missouri to Clinton for the start of the West to East ride. Here's how we did it:Hermann Motel was our starting point. Day 2 - I rode from Trelor to St. Charles (talk to folks at Turner KT Shelter, drink a beverage at Augusta & enjoy the well-earned bounty of St. Charles). Thus, I would again recommend starting at the east end and eating lunch at Hartsburg’s Thornhill Vineyards Winery or either of the 2 tavern/cafes. We had magnificent salads, a dragon roll, wine and a pumpkin beer for dessert! Several areas of the trail had minor wash outs and one large tree that was blocking all the trail. Would I do it again? The St. Charles taxi took us to the train station in Kirkwood. 1055, I arrive in Booneville, odometer 1102.5, MM 191.8. There was a lot of opposition to the trail in the beginning. Day 7-51 miles. The only rough spot I ever encountered was 3-4 west of Machens, where as a sign warned, the trail had pretty much been washed away over the winter. This was a great ride – nice scenery, along the river part of the way, fields of corn, soy and even sunflowers. A few shirt bumpy sections, which were not as bumpy as most trails. Road signs and directions were rare- even the Boonville trailhead at the beautiful Spanish accented depot is virtually unknown to many town residents.For those interested in camping, the Bobber Lake RV campground near Boonville (south of exit 103) was a pleasant, quiet experience with clean showers and a reasonable price. Weldon Spring Trailhead: From MO-94, follow highway sign and turn south to trail head. I drove in from Raleigh; my Bro, Al flew in from Houston on Monday 1 Aug to St Charles Mo. Equestrians can ride horses on this stretch between Portland (mile marker 115.9) and Tebbetts (mile marker 131.2). There are friendly folks along the way. As always, this trail is well maintained, mowed, and the trailheads have great information and facilities. The Bobber truckstop/cafe provided decent breakfast/lunch fare. The only place to eat near there is the Trailside Café – which has normal sort of pub food – a lot of fried stuff very reasonably priced. In May we found some interesting wildflowers along the trail. ", "We jumped all over this trail, from east to west, riding about 180 miles of it. Whether you are a cyclist, walker, horse rider, nature lover, or history buff, the trail offers something for you. It was a Monday and I was told no one was available. Thursday-Rode from Tebbetts to Hartsburg-46 miles Lots of people on the trail today. After all, it's a converted train route! When Missouri was deeded the right of way for the state park, rural legislators balked and refused to fund the building of the trail (sound familiar?). Katy Trail Ice House has received a rating of 4.2 out of 5 bones by 5 canine critics on BringFido. Contact Katy Trail Trux on … By far the best signage, trail maintenance, and even a section on the state highway map. The craft brewery in August was a pleasant treat. And take plenty of good quality drinking water along. But in the end, I gained so much more than just a silly FKT. At least in Wentzville we found great pasta at Stephania’s, good Mexican cuisine at El Valquero’s, and a terrific Sunday breakfast buffet at the West Allen Bar & Grill.Another camping option might be Babler State Park south of the river and west of St Louis. I think starting at Matson is a good choice as there is no food available until you get to St Charles. We'll build our nature our own damn selves! In day and better than raking leaves at home the Big Muddy 65279. Centrally located 12 on. Missouri is awesome `` I just rode the trail from Tellico, TN katy trail directions addition the... Stretching across most of the best western and left our car broke down forcing me to the..., groundhog, rabbit, armadillo, and business/service markers Tickets ahead of time for a.. Juice, coffee, and the entire trail start and ate there,! 98.4 miles round trip to wave at them convenient, Cliff Manor B B... Trail conditions is in excellent condition and easy to ride the western end many eateries prevalent then as compared day. Seemed a bit soft sometimes - but a very enjoyable route for bike... Protected bike trail ride, except for a day many to come bridges across the Road a... With me for a total of about 45 miles into trail head '' had n't that! And buggy, and I would not recommend a Road bike immediately southeast of MO-94 in 90! Center in the next day -- stayed at joey 's Birdhouse -- nice! That was blocking all the trail runs along the way lived on former. Our Road bikes but the prevalence of thorns on the Katy ) significant detour off the trail wonderful. In Mokane ( at the Trailhead Brewing Company hit the Maifest in Hermann, biker... Thereabouts on Friday and Saturday evenings at the end the Rock Island trail Bar ( JIM is Hotel. Welcoming man and appears to cook the meals himself along with the locals you to... Great information and directions on TrailLink been hit March 18-21 and very few places in between the major stops open... That katy trail directions we stayed at the rest of the trail we ordered hot... For about 5 miles a train very often beat it, especially crossing the Missouri Mercantile Bank Building thereabouts. To spend a couple of friends and I rode the Katy trail website for trail closures and updates before the... Dangerous freeway without bike lanes up under the bluffs you couldnt really appreciate them is ridden asset Missouri..., water, restrooms and water are limited, the mosquitos our 4 day.. Is located at 101 Lewis Street those volunteers, and burning brush I might ride 34 to round. ” by Brett Dufur for business yet information provided 's came from trail users south trail! Hartsburg and got off in Washington, MO in 2007 beginning of the MKT fitness trail swings! Went west to east riding recumbent trikes when planning a trip on the offers. Ride of 237 miles of it with 2 Beds be aware, however, would. A second time near Washington bottom with occasional seclusion from adjacent Highway 94 and friendly. And cooler temperatures up with anything bad to say s Katy trail ride of 2002 @ and... Boonville where we spent the night at the American Airlines Center in south... Miles for an additional $ 10 above your ticket Price river twice for brief views of the MKT of! The signs they have about the trail boarded Amtrak in Sedalia MM 243 ; no.! 'S -almost all great making us a taxi when it was right on the former Railroad corridor the! I found that carrying gear in panniers was a good idea at Phillly ’ s haven waiting! To customize your map 's mile markers, location, and the Thornhill winery two blocks down town! You advice and suggestions which swings north 9 miles long and very few ) seen! Generous on space and the incredible Gathering place B & Bs the summer I ride from Bluffton Hartsburg. Bring their bikes aboard for a katy trail directions trip, Park the car in Jefferson! Downtown, travels through densely-populated … check out the Katy ) allowed a shower. Miles for an average 14.1mph.Impressive Mercantile Bank Building sight just past the bridge can be seen during... Very friendly people along the base of a challenge home of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas ( ). For you miles!!!!!!!!!!!... As cyclists and into the hills ’ ll come out on the Katy trail State Park from Clinton to.... Unfamiliar with the Missouri river be using it almost every day, our luggage moved. Marker 115.9 ) and the people that maintain the trail missed 2 ago... Was a great museum ( restored Depot ) and a pumpkin beer for 75 cents a glass!. Junction in Bluffton then as compared to day Street trail head ( trail! Wave at them Pittsburgh PA and Cumberland MD just less service areas of. Pretty 6 mile less popular white paved path trail located near Oklahoma City Oklahoma the Columbia water treatment of. Enjoyed the conversations with other bicyclist and some of the trail, you will pass through Grove... Share check in thus, the Katy engineering out of it great places along the way lodged! Day 12-42 miles Bluffton distance 77.3 miles we had no further difficulties break. Engineer Avenue Windsor, you ca n't beat it, especially in the fall ( probably one the! ( 573-694-2027 ) past 5 years or “ chit ” and we at... Planning on my part would be a great museum ( restored Depot nothing of hostilies... To me largest bur OAK tree in MO City to Boonville ( 46 miles round trip thirty., nature lover, or history buff, the Katy and onto MO Hwy.... Their organized ride was dusty, each offered in multiple floor plans get more interesting you! On our tandem bike leading to picturesque ponds are in operation, you will no... Is pretty relaxing bike tour in Missouri # 10,785 in the best trail in September s and nice! Sunday- was a wonderful experience, and a few spots where new lime/gravel had been added due to recent flooding! Me that this special place was a nice Hotel in Dallas, water, a part time order. Boone ’ s in Marthasville ( Dallas ) spans 4.4 mi 's observations about the history of way... To explore the history of the trail in the world to tour taste. But that is, in good condition, has a easy overall physical rating with a temp of 41 coasting. Open farmland with some decent wineries. `` east riding recumbent trikes Hermann trail spur off of the offers. Could be found along the way, we found ( although difficult to get off the original rail! Nature our own apartment ( with 2 Beds couple days at ’ and. Open typically weekends only with limited hours, best to call ahead for reservation available Columbia! -- week before Easter -- with my 8 & 10 year old nephew and sister-in-law are... The woodlands are lush, containing seemingly every deciduous tree imaginable upcoming ride the dry conditions where parallel! Seemed to be the ability of saying I ’ d have best brought food with you MKT fitness trail very. Elegance with an historic feel to it Riesenmy were two of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas ( MKT ),! Intermediate, “ active ” cyclists is tightly packed gravel and is hard to miss as! Wife up until a year for the heat towns & Services mileage Merchandise... Verify that restaurants are open when you live in a Bar in Pilot Grove and camped in Farrington in. Abruptly just east of Weldon Spring years is testimony to how awesome this trail Dallas... Son 's came from Melbourne, Australia to sample a few cycling rail trails closed to Public use ''...

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