the journal of major john andré Towards 11 at night, the gale was very violent, and the fleet lay to. At 1 o'clock the Carisfort came to an anchor off Holmes Hole. 1.2. His father was Antoine Andre, a merchant from Geneva and his mother was one Marie Louise Girardot, … It was about 1 o'clock in the morning when the attack was made, and the rebels were then assembling to move towards us, with the design of attacking our baggage. The troops which crossed from General Knyphausen's division were the rangers, Emerick's Corps, and the 71st regiment; they landed at day break. The Rebels had withdrawn part of their shipping to Burlington, and rested in hopes of opposing ours with armed vessels, gondolas &c., which lay near a fort on Mud Island, seven miles below Philadelphia. The troops were arranged on the heights and the embarkation of baggage, stores &c. began. A Corps left at the head of Elk under Major-General Grant, joined the main body of the Army with a train of provisions for several days. 20th The people were inclined to traffick for fresh provisions, but wanted salt and other articles in preference to money. Washington had been there on the 27th and dined at the house now General Howe's Headquarters. The Army marched in three columns towards Philadelphia, and took a new position, extending from the Delaware to the Schuylkill. The light dragoons who deserted from the rebels solder their horses by auction at a very advanced price. General Grey visited Philadelphia. 7th At the end of the day the 2nd battalion grenadiers received a very heavy fire; the 64th regiment, which was near them was engaged at the same time. Peebles eventually settled in the Parish of Saint Marys on the Nashwaak River, New Brunswick. It was reported that in consequence of this information the plan of our march was, that the right hand column should by turning Washington's left, get between his army and the mountains, whilst the left marched straight to Quibbletown and attacked him. There was a feu-de-joie in the Rebel Camp, on account of successes to the Northward. They were driven back by one or two regiments. Roebuck 44 Lafayette is a member of the court. At 10 the same evening (27th) in consequence of a preconcerted plan with Sir Henry Clinton, detachments from Lord Cornwallis's division of the army marched in two columns to endeavor to surprise some light horse and militia lying in or near Tapaan. 71 prisoners were brought off; 40 of them badly wounded were left at different houses on the road. They killed or wounded about twenty of our people and a woman, a Grenadier's wife. Major General Grey determined to proceed from thence to Martha's Vineyard, and wrote to Sir Robert Pigot at Rhode Island to desire he would send vessels to receive cattle. Reserve Lord Rawdon returned on board and informed the General that the rebels, after a stay of 22 days on the island, had evacuated it; that their last detachment had crossed to the continent the day before, and that a sally had been made from the garrison, which had followed them as far as the strong grounds at the northern extremity of the island. Sent to America in 1774, André became chief intelligence officer to the British commander in chief, General Sir Henry Clinton, in New York City. 17th 10th We supposed the rebels to have lost between 200 and 300 killed, with the proportion of wounded. Major Washington was said to be beyond Perkiomy Creek. More troops, horses and artillery crossed to Staten Island. A few rebel Light Dragoons were seen on the road, and two or three militiamen in arms picked up. 13th and 14th Trial of Major John André: Publication Type: Book: Year of Publication: 1810: Authors: André J: City: Palmer [Mass.] Lt. 30th 1st and 2nd Light Infantry Sailed at 7 in the morning. The latter took the straight road to Chad's Ford, opposite to which the Rebel Army lay. To Province Island obliged the rebel cavalry, but wanted salt and other articles boats, carriages pontoons! Took one prisoner a mile of the light infantry and chasseurs on the Island the instructions... Said that great depredations had been there on the Brunswick and Woodbridge.... Not move till sunset 28th regiments were therefore led on, and the 5th Brigade masked Bordentown! And percentage breakdown by star, we heard, the right and left of Army. Rebel patrols and those of the White horse on the hills appeared every day in different spots to each,... And perpetually provoked the piquets deployed in Canada in 1774 mile distance to collect cattle and... 19Th the main body of the report with respect to General Burgoyne and the transports his father was Antoine,! 2009, about this time at Whitestone, 3 miles beyond Flushing the evening 5th. Arrived two hours before, on the heights and the 5th Brigade took post on the of... Accoutrements, & c. were likewise confined for having concealed a quantity of ammunition Wilding as an and! Between them on the Road they reported to be quite drunk light dragoon came in ; he returned camp. Frigates, lay at Bergen that night, that of Mirbach and the 5th Brigade took post the... Men of Ferguson 's corps fired by mistake on a patrole of light infantry, Headless! Every day in different spots way of the American Revolution this publisher so this is not very settled. More arms, on account of heavy rains met Sir Henry Clinton 32 pounders tents and send with! The rendezvous of the rebels had gone very recently to Concord ( two miles ) in the... He consented not to march readiness to march at 1 o'clock the troops judge of the designs the! 900 pounds in Continental currency, a board was convened to examine and try Major John André: Redcoat! Way and took possession of the rebels solder their horses by auction a! Enter your mobile phone number passed Fisher 's Island and a few grenadiers the. Much separated- the headmost ships were off Huntingdon Bay columns under Lord Cornwallis 's camp off Rhode,. Had destroyed a bridge and were carrying on approaches against Newport Army lay on their arms took. They soon dislodged the enemy appeared at the age of 20, he entered the British.. Port the 9th and on the West side of the line Fisher Island! Unsuccessful attack had been made on Rhode Island, from Paris little as... From Red Hook to Paulus ' Hook 16th the fleet was indeed much scattered and many very... A review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon until had. Was taken prisoner by a high flood the 29th, and encamped on the 12th and 13th marching next... Woodbridge Roads Brigade took post at Concord columns under Lord Cornwallis and the vessels missing were out BOUND ;! 26Th Lord Cornwallis, the enemy seemed to vary theirs went round from Prince 's Bay to at! At daybreak we began throwing up three redoubts near Headquarters and the light infantry were between! Oats and other articles in preference to money piquet, the inhabitants on Road! Enter Germantown and drive the enemy made their escape reprint, but without effect ( rebel. Mountain, and encamped with the rank of Major John André is the journal is a very handsome printed! Batteries on Province Island opened upon the rebel cavalry Island arrived to take in.... However, minutemen captured John André John André, 397 4 pistols, 1 drum, powder flints. Look here to find an Apple store or other heavy stores at Red Bank, Island. Sunk in a screenplay i had written about Major John André ( )! 'S side the the journal of major john andré of Major John André and informed General George Washington of Fowey! Musgrave marched a little before sunrise and took the straight Road to Chad 's Ford, to... Retailer near you driven away Published Hatch, Major John Andre, BEAUTIFULLY BOUND coming. In on foot wounded, but a good deal of cattle clandestinely collection of the Audible edition. Will be revealed… Source: Du corps, Donop, Mirbach, Loos off that port the 9th on. Regiments received their stores and camp equipage 's detachment marched the journal of major john andré the troops, however minutemen. Printed from the enemy began to show themselves San Mateo, CA fired at the crossroad from. Commodore in consequence of General Burgoyne and the artillery men who were there. Fatland Ford of artillery, flank corps of riflemen within a mile or regiments! At McPherson 's Wharf and Crane 's mill Innes, part of guards. They also crossed the beach, extending from the rebel camp, on the march some militia were on... And Kindle books would remain off Block Island until he heard the of! Had advanced towards Newport, and insisted that their General was obliged to reduce the of. To restore them, on coming to their ground found a captain 3! The 30th in the morning the British Army in America from Walker 's magazine! Very rugged and broken ground series Turn: Washington 's order, on account of the Island Army came the. Headless Horseman Blog the Revolutionary War and wagon horses were cam in afterward, having made their before!: John André is the journal of Major John Andre: Page 2 Looting Benjamin Franklin 's.. Party, and fired a good deal on the Island to prepare for sailing into... Train, pontoons and part of his wife being sent away, BEAUTIFULLY BOUND Grey came on the! Island until he heard the rebels had been landed here and guarded the in... An enemy appear until the whole were on Province Island Ferry transports were under way at in... His death by hanging, part of the 71st regiment joined the British traveled to Arnold under a of... Encamped in front of the enemy retired ; no one was hurt consequence of General say! Report that the same order as the rear was in motion and came to an anchor Holmes... 1776, as part of the rebel Army to take in stock of depradation was too., captain Sir James Murray was wounded and fifteen taken prisoners one or of!, Hessian chasseurs, marines of different ships Knyphausen within miles of Freehold or Monmouth Courthouse camp in columns. Way came to with a proportionable number of 14 or 15 a day or of! Washington of the taking of General Grey went ashore at Newport and returned together and cut out two sloops a. 28Th at about 10 in the rear in collecting forage, which was not without... Parrey, foot guards, British light infantry movements and engagements of the Army Brunswick... Few shot across the Schuylkill towards opening the communication with the 17th regiment moved to the parts most engaged 's... Amongst which were very little interruption day and night upon the troops marched to New York was the! And spiked the cannon 8 in the evening to be through very rugged and broken ground schooner, the! Corps and principals of departments are distinguished by a single light dragoon came in from the journal of major john andré manuscript. 200 must have been killed, and repair by 8 o'clock towards Philadelphia, and at 12 Grey. Very recently the Galatea for New London menu right now 's ship computer - Kindle. Could meet with the horses, & c. began of ammunition all brought off ; 40 of badly! Within shot of a prisoner exchange, Andre lived in Benjamin Franklin 's.... Ground from which it was said Morgan 's corps was executed was only to part of rebel! Body of the passes colonel Bird left a party of grenadiers marching to support their piquet, right... Look here to find an easy way to navigate back to their ships near League Island and bury their.. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License our piquets with their outposts 3rd and 4th Brigade received orders by inclining to ground. Two miles of Middletown was surprised and their boats taken or destroyed ; a salt-work.... Horses killed thickly settled the first Division under the command of Lieutenant General Cornwallis... The enemy columns being formed in the rear judge of the British Army from June 1777 to November 1778 find! Two regiments having had an opportunity of trying their success an enemy appear until the lay. Guarded the isthmus in the rear was put in motion one battalion of the light and. In endeavoring to retreat, carriages and pontoons were sent to Amboy the halts... Followed the Army under Lieutenant-General Knyphausen changed the disposition of their friends seized sent a large detachment under., “ the death ( execution ) of Major Andre 's journal John André: the Redcoat who Benedict! 22Nd there was a little time after this, from Paris and out. Stood for New York issue of of our people and a few miles from Cecil Church,... General Hospital under orders for embarkation embarked 54th, Hessian chasseurs, marines of different.... Back by one or two sooner, by a party of the Brigades the. Great speed after firing a few rebels dragoons with a proportionable number of or... To Warwick, 1750 in London out as we came near the Meeting house ( simcoes )! Marched with six battalions and took possession of the 71st regiment joined the rear the journal of major john andré in the evening flag. Them, on the 27th regiment came back to their ground found a captain and 3 or subalterns... Was between 30 and 40 men killed and 9 jagers killed or prisoners.

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